video/ Week #1 – DAY 1

Finally, here is Week #1 – DAY 1
My nephew Peter is demonstrating.
I forgot the sound on this video…that’s why Peter is just standing still for about 10 seconds at the beginning.
Day 1 (approx. 1 Minute)
  1. 50 Marching On the Spot (knees up high).
  2. Rest 10 seconds
  3. 50 Marching On the Spot (knees up high).
  4. Rest 10 seconds

Note: you should be able to do 50 Marches in approximately 20 seconds.  If it takes you longer than 20 seconds that’s fine.  Keep a log of what you do so you can monitor your progress.  Each knee up counts as one repetition.


  1. I just completed the above workout, and I feel nice and warmed up, now what? Do I just wait until tomorrow to exercise again?

    I am fairly out of shape, is this like a beginner’s guide to getting fit?

    Please let me know! <3

    1. Hi Marianne,

      Thank you for your question.

      Yes. That is a fair way to look at this: “like a beginners guide to getting fit.”

      Ideally, our days should be filled with activity, i.e., household chores (actually household chores kind of sums it up).
      But when we are out of shape or over-exercise our bodies, we can become too tired to do what needs to get done. And what needs to get done actually makes up something like 15% of the energy we burn each year to maintain our weight (hopefully at an ideal weight). [Look for my article on N.E.A.T]

      As you start to do these short morning progressions your body will become more limber and you will actually give yourself more energy. Just be careful not to skip ahead and bite off more than you can chew. Your body and mind have to do this consistently to develop a habit of doing it daily. You will see that the progressions I’ve outlined gradually add a little more each each week or two.

      One thing leads to another. Maybe it will cause you to take an afternoon walk in the neighbourhood. Fresh air and sunlight are also a big part of being healthy.

      My athletic 70+ year old neighbour who suffered from a heart attack last year jogs up and down the street (about 100 meters back and forth) everyday for about 10 minutes. This way he’s close to home and feels safe doing it. He may even do it a few times a day, knowing him…

      Let me know if this was helpful.

      1. Good morning! My hip – replaced 5 years ago – asked me this morning, “are you kidding?” Fell short by 2 but tomorrow I’ll do better. Have to…

      2. Stephen, this is great news. Just promise to listen to your body. You may stay on Day 1 for weeks…who knows? Here’s hoping that it will build the foundation and be just what you need as prevention for the other hip.
        Keep me posted.
        Thanks for the update!

  2. This is so great! I’ve really been feeling crummy about myself physically lately and don’t really have the drive or time to work out. I can totally do this! Hellloooo motivation! 🙂

  3. These 4-minute mornings are a great idea! Just found your site from bodyrock. I think this is a great little addition to everyone’s day, I’m going to try them myself!

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