August 31, 2011

Sockeye salmon

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Got roughly 8 hours of sleep last night.

Woke around 6:45 am, but got out of bed around 7:40 am.  I am luxuriating in these late mornings as long as I can, starting next week I’ll be getting up at 6 am weekdays to get the kids to school.

Did these stretches in bed before I got up:

  • Hug knees to chest
  • Hip flexor stretch (right knee to chest, left leg stretched out on the bed – repeat other side. Repeat both sides a few times),
  • And I bicycle my legs up towards the ceiling under my duvet, it helps to wake me up and warm me up before I step out of bed.

As I sat up out of bed I repeated the Micro Breaks.

Did my 4 Minute Morning Week 3 – DAY 7 followed by my stretching routine:

  • Stretched out my calves, followed by ten rolling like a ball to open up my lower back, right and left Hip Flexor stretch followed by the 3 Hip Stretches, rolled out TFL & ITB & gluteals with my foam roll and finally a double chest stretch through the door frame.

Made the bed, washed up and got dressed.

Chatted with the kids till 8:45 am and good mornings to the dogs.

9:00 am My Breakfast:

1 Cup Fresh Blueberries

In a bowl:

9:30 am – 1:00 pm Sat down to input yesterdays log.  Sipped on 8oz. Japanese Green Tea. This is really embarrassing to show how dreadfully long it takes me to do this!  However, if there is a saving grace, I was often interrupted by the kids for numerous reasons (from breaking up arguments, feeding them a late breakfast and just enjoying their company) to letting the dogs out and giving them some much needed affection.

10:30 am Snack: 2 Prunes/ 6 0z. Water/ 10 baby carrots

Ran the stairs twice for laundry (up/down + up/ down).  Let the dogs out and gardened for 10 minutes.

11:30 am: 12 oz. Water

1:00 pm Pre-Lunch:  2 Prunes/ 10 Baby Carrots

1:15 pm My Lunch:

1-1/2 Cup Steamed Green Kale drizzled with Lemon Juice & Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and ½ Cup Cold Steamed Green Beans

In a bowl: ¾ Cup Organic Pumpkin, Ginger & Rice King Soba Noodles with 3 oz. Baked Rainbow Trout with a pat of unsalted butter.

Fed the kids their late lunch.

3:00 pm: Got to the pool for a swim.  The kids swam in the lane next to me for a while then played in the open area until I was finished my drills.  When I was finished my drills I gave them two lengths each of underwater dolphin rides.  Then we swam around in the open area for twenty minutes longer.

Swim Drills (3:05 pm-3:25) 20 metre pool

  • 4 lengths flutter kick with board (warm up)
  • 8 lengths Fast front crawl
  • 6 lengths breast stroke
  • 4 lengths back stroke
  • 4 lengths dolphin kick with board
  • 4 lengths Pull front crawl (arms only)
  • 4 lengths Flutter kick with board
  • 4 lengths Fast front crawl

Played with the kids in the water until 4 pm.

Followed by 10 minutes stretching in Jacuzzi.

12 oz. water during swim.

After we showered we dashed over to Whole Foods for groceries and a meal from their buffet.

MY Post-Swim Meal at 5:30 pm:

1 Lemon/ Rosemary Chicken Drumstick & 1 Thigh

Romaine Salad with Quinoa, Cooked & Raw Broccoli, Julienned Carrots, Mixed peppers. Dressing: Olive Oil. (Couldn’t find any Lemon juice).

We did a grocery shop then drove home.

MY Dinner 6:30 pm:

1 ½ Fresh Figs from backyard tree

(1 Cup serving of )Pan fried in Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Sweet Onion, Fresh/Wild Sockeye Salmon & Fresh/Wild Grey Cod, sprinkled with Kelp & Cayenne Granules

1 Cup Lacinato Kale drizzled with Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

¼ Cup Frozen Wild Rice, steamed from Stahlbush Organic Farms

2 Squares of Denman Island Chocolate (Cocoa Loco).

12 oz. Water

7:30 pm (ish) Sat down to input todays’ log.

7:55 pm Micro Breaks / 6 oz. Water

8:20pm –  9:45 pm

  • 12 oz. Water
  • Quick stretch from Chin-Up bar
  • Put kids to bed
  • Clean powder room
  • Clean Kitchen
  • Update log
  • Transfer laundry to dryer
  • Wash out bathing suits and hang to dry

10:00 pm Shut down computer/ evening stretches: ten rolling like a ball to open up my lower back, right and left Hip Flexor stretch followed by the 3 Hip Stretches.

In bed by 10:30 pm Aim for 8-9 hours sleep.

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