1. Congratulations for your perfect body (muscular but very feminine and sexy) and especially your insane abs.

    It would be great if you put more pics of your great figure !

  2. my god, lady, you are amazing!! Looking at your pictures inspires me to get of my lazy butt and take care of my health : )

    love & light


  3. Very inspiring. But I do wonder… have you always been in shape? It seems as though this would work best for people who are already fit and trying to look like you. What about those of us who are overweight? Should we lose the weight first?

      This IS how I believe people who are overweight can get themselves to a healthy weight. By being consistent with daily body maintenance. It takes time for the body to build strength, become flexible, develop agility and power. We can’t achieve it over a short period of time and then just stop and coast on our results. Starting from zero it took me one week of trying every single day to finally accomplish one chin up, and that was after about six months of consistent weight training. Now I can pull off five chin ups whenever I go past the bar. When I forget and don’t do them for a week, I’m back to square one. The strength gain is not permanent…you know, “use it or lose it”. It takes a lot of time to get fit and very little time to undo it. A little bit everyday is our insurance for a healthy and active life.
      As we age, it’s not the dumbells we’ll have to pick up, it’s ourselves.

      There has been so much emphasis on more being better over the years. People watching professional athletes who train for hours a day (which is just not possible for the average person, let alone parents). I know people who are overweight who struggle with running long distances or training like a triathlete, hoping to achieve the body type of said sport. What often happens is pain and injury to joints that are not physically conditioned for such activities. Then as a result of the long duration of these workout, people get hungry and end up over-eating to satiate the furnace, which negates the calories burned in the first place! Followed by a decrease in Non-Exercise Activity (look for my article on N.E.A.T) for the rest of the day and possibly for the following day(s).

      There is no quick fix. There is no magic plan. What there is, is Self-Discipline. Self-Discipline is born from being Consistent. Enter: Daily Body Maintenance. Every morning for the rest of our life we start with some daily exercise. The rest of the day we stay active = Active Living. This means take the stairs. Clean your house. Walk the dog. Do your chores. Fit in a more intense 4-12 minute HIIT workout and thorough body stretches. Once we stop living an active life and let others do our doing, well there goes NEAT.
      Once we let advertising and products convince us that there is an easier way, we’ve lost.

      Remember one important point: Just because someone is not overweight, does not mean that they are healthy or fit. We are all made up so very differently, carry our body fat differently. I think we will be better off if we think less about how we actually look or what the scale says and put more emphasis on how we feel, what our body can do, how our skeleton functions and how we nourish ourselves. That’s what I mean when I say: I believe we will do ourselves a service if we focus less on the aesthetic and more on our body’s function.

      1. What an excellent response. How being fit is a process and we need to keep going to build strength, stamina, flexibility and so on. I have realized this getting back into great shape. I am not there yet but as I continue, I notice I am more flexible, stronger and more limber. However, I need to keep doing those things to build on what I already have achieved. This is a great post. If you don’t mind, I am going to copy and paste this onto my blog I did today, which is January 05, 2012. People need to be aware of consistency and the slow process of the body becoming completely athletic-strong again.

  4. Hi, just discovered your site today. I have been bodyrocking for about 3 months. What is a HIIT workout? You look fantastic! Nancy

  5. Hi there,
    Found you through Bodyrock TV as well while reading the comments. It is extremely inspiring to see someone in their 40’s who has kids ( I’m 45 with two kids) with an amazing body! I just started BR and even though I am taking it slow I already find my upper body strength has improved significantly. Hope you are considering hosting if you’re in the Toronto area.

  6. Just saw a comment from you on Bodyrock and had to come check you out. Your body is AMAZING!!. I also have two kids and am debating on a third and to see that a mother of two can still get a smokin hot body like yours is definitely an inspiration! Glad I found your site can’t wait to start my 4 min. mornings!!

  7. Hi there – I have just clicked on here from Bodyrock – why don’t you try out for a host – or are you not in the right area? sorry i’m not in USA so haven’t a clue where they are and where you are!!! but you have absolutely great abs!!!
    Well done and thanks for the blog!
    Bodyrock addict

  8. Hi
    I saw your comments on Bodyrock.tv.I just discover your blog. I saw the two pics.
    You built yourself a very beautiful body.
    I especially love your six pack abs.

    Seb – French former boxer – half marathon addict.

    1. Yes, I try to do my 4 minute morning every day! So far I’m into my tenth month without missing a day!! I do Week 3 Day 7.

      “Are the BodyRock workouts the only ones you do?” The answer is pretty much yes. Each week I do anywhere from 2-4 HIIT workouts. Sometimes I make up my own routine or grab one from Mark Lauren, but mostly I visit BodyRock to see what’s new or to revisit older BodyRock workout to compare my progress with my previous scores or times. I also swim but only for 20-30 minutes at a time (focusing on technique not lengths), 1-3 times per week, but as you can imagine ones schedule is not always one’s own. So each week has a different rhythm and really is like a new beginning.

      I kept a ‘week-in-the-life’ log at the end of August just to show what I do. You can view it here http://youasamachine.com/my-log/

      I too found it hard to believe that these short intense workouts could be so effective, so I gave it a try. My results are honest. I sincerely believe Zuzana and Freddy are practicing what they preach.
      How I eat plays a very significant part in my results. If it pleases you and makes you feel healthy and strong then it isn’t inconvenient, it’s just something you do and make time for. Just like when we fall in love with someone, isn’t it amazing how suddenly we have time and energy for that person…we need to fall back in love with ourselves…minus the narcissism, of course!!!

      Hope this helps. Please keep in touch and leave an update if you give it a try and let us know what happens for you.

      Also, I try to Tweet daily which workouts I do or if I have a rest day etc. http://twitter.com/#!/YouAsAMachine

      1. Are you generally a low carber?
        I LOVE the idea of short workouts! I live in the mountains and I remember going out for 2 hour trail runs with a Camelbak. My body didn’t change at all!

        You look amazing!! have you ever struggled with your weight?

        What about alcohol?

        Sorry for so many questions!

      2. Read My Log, not only do I show my workouts, but kept a record of EVERYTHING I ate and drank for one week. This should answer your question more clearly. I try not follow one philosophy in terms of eating…I am experimenting with different approaches with the intent to figure out what ‘formula’ fits my unique system. It can be a good starting point, but I think people get caught up with ‘being a…vegan, paleo, Atkins, blood type’ you name it. There is comfort in ‘being a’, being part of a movement…but we need to experiment and re-develop our own intuition and literally follow our own gut, not what works for someone else’s gut.

        I have never struggled with my weight. However, when I was younger, there were areas on my body that just didn’t reflect the hard work I was putting into my workouts. So I would work harder and longer…surely that was the answer; which is one of the reasons I love the quote from Alan Cohen: “If what you’re doing isn’t working, doing more of it isn’t going to work any better.”
        I don’t drink alcohol except some red wine from time to time. It’s not that I’m being virtuous, it just doesn’t make me feel great. I’m slowly learning that the pleasure from instant gratification is not worth it in the end.

        In his book How to Be Compassionate, The Dalai Lama says:

        “There are many discrepancies between the way things appear and the way they really are. Something that is impermanent can appear permanent. Also, sources of pain, such as overeating, sometimes first appear to be sources of pleasure, but in the end, they are not. They actually bring us trouble. Although we want happiness, in our ignorance we do not know how to achieve it; although we do not want pain, we misunderstand its workings, so we end up contributing to its causes.”

  9. Wow … also found your link from body rock. Amazing body. Looking forward to reading all of your posts, as well as reading your recipes! Very inspirational.

  10. Super inspiring! And 4 minute mornings are making my mornings for the past few days! I wake up and do a few sun salutations, then do my four minute mornings and go on with my day. Perfect way to wake up! Thanks so much!

  11. Saw one of your comments on Body Rock today and looked at your little profile picture and had to click on it! Amazing body! You are doing it right!!

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