John Turner age 67


This well known photo of John Turner at age 67,

was taken in 1985, by Etta Clark.

I first saw this photo when I was twenty-one, working as a fitness appraiser and personal trainer.  A co-worker plastered it onto our client motivation board. I had no idea a person could age this well.  The impact of this photo has left a lasting impression on me.

Today, this photo adorns a spot on the wall tucked behind the door where I practice my chin-ups.  I take a peek at him from time to time as a reminder – this photo still takes my breath away.

There is another photo of him at age 79, but I was unable to attach it here.  He doesn’t look much different!

Photo from Etta Clark‘s book: Growing Old Is Not For Sissies and Growing Old Is Not For Sissies II


  1. Great photo!!! It’s today’s inspiration. I’ve spent all winter not exercising like I used to… OK, not exercising. lol… I’m installing my chin-up bar.

    1. Great news!

      Here’s an excerpt taken from GQ article, March 1996 – Pulling Your Weight – by Mark Jenkins.

      “You don’t see people in a weight room on the pull up bar much. Pull-ups are too hard. They aren’t like push ups. With push-ups half your weight is still on your feet. And they certainly aren’t like sit-ups, where everything is on your ass. To do a pull-up, you must lift the entire weight of your body off the ground. It is as if you have raised your arms in jubilation and then must bring your body up with your spirit. It is an angelic act. But strenuous. It goes against physics. Against gravity. Because pull-ups are work it’s easy to get lazy. Easy to get heavy. Easy to forget about pulling your weight.”

      I have a story about chin ups for you and will post it soon…the short of it is that I stopped doing ANY chin ups/ pull ups over the last two weeks. Did 10 on Saturday – really felt it Sunday. So just hung from the bar Sunday. Today I did 10 more…I’m back in the game. But there is a story to WHY I stopped for 2 weeks…curious?

      Build on it over time and do some everyday or every other day for the rest of your life. 🙂

      1. I was a fitness coach at Real Elite Training Center (a fighter’s gym) and when I discovered that guys who could whip your ass in the ring couldn’t lift their own weight on the chin up bar, I began promoting the Chin Up as part of every conditioning plan. I still believe its a MUST for anyone who has “Being in Better Shape” as one of their life goals.
        And I feel much better now that I’ve got the bar installed in my apartment. It’s been a long long time. 🙂

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