August 30, 2011

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Got nine hours of sleep last night, which was much needed after a week of restless sleeps in Kelowna.

Woke up around 7:30 am but since the kids are still out of school I lounged in bed till 8am. I always do stretches in bed before I get up.

  • knees to chest
  • hip flexor stretch (right knee to chest, left leg stretched out on the bed – repeat other side. Repeat both sides a few times),
As I sat up out of bed I repeated the  Micro Breaks.
Checked on the dogs, but they weren’t ready to get up for breakfast, so I did my 4 Minute
Morning  Week 3 – DAY 7 in the kitchen at 8:15 am.
Fed the dogs and sent them out, finished by 8:30 am. 
Made the kids their breakfast.
MY Breakfast 8:45 am:
Fresh Fig from our backyard tree
2 pieces each of nectarine and black plum
1 Cup Frozen Spinach, steamed from Stahlbush Organic Farms
3 oz. Baked Rainbow Trout on BBQ (which I made the night before when I BBQ’d last nights meal)
1/4 Cup Cooked Rice Flakes
12 oz. Water
9:15 am Quickly viewed BodyRockTv site to decide which workout I would do after I digested my breakfast.  Cleaned the floors to make the most of my digestion time. (I usually decide the night before which workout I will do so as not to waste time searching and planning-out the day of).
9:30 am -10:30 am Changed into my workout clothes so I could go right into my workout once my cleaning chores were done. Cleaned up breakfast dishes and kitchen. Vacuumed and washed main floor and changed the dogs mat covers, dirty ones to be laundered. Body warmed  up nicely to go right into my home workout.
Workout 10:40 am Did a few stretches then turned on and set my Gymboss Interval Timer and got going!  20 Rounds of 10 second Rest + 50 second Max. Effort Intervals. Did the ten exercises in sequence (Round 1) then repeated the same sequence a second time (Round 2).
The workout I did was 20 minutes long, using my own bodyweight, my Ultimate Sandbag and my 8lb. medicine ball depending on the exercise. I modified some of the exercises since I used a medicine ball as opposed to the Ugi Fitness Ball.
This was a fun workout because some of the exercise combinations were new to me so I had to stay sharp.
You can view the workout here. Called: “It’s So On Right Now! Workout”.
1. Sandbag Swing: Round 1/ 30 reps  -Round 2/ 28 reps
2. Crossed Leg Burpee: Round 1/ 9 reps  -Round 2/ 8 reps (used 8lb. medicine ball, push up from floor, jump up with ball)
3. Turkish Get Up: Round 1/ 10 reps -Round 2/ 10 Reps (8lb. medicine ball. And I forgot to Jump up, probably because when I wrote down the instructions I wrote Get Up! instead of Turkish Jump Up)
4. Medicine Ball Crab: Round 1/ 37 reps  -Round 2/ 50 reps
5. Foot Elevated Squat: Round 1/ Right 26 reps  -Round 2/ 36 reps (Sandbag)
6. Foot Elevated Squat: Round 1/ Left 29 reps  -Round 2/ 32 reps (Sandbag)
7. Jump Lunge & Knee Crunch: Round 1/ 16 reps  -Round 2/ 14 reps (Medicine Ball)
8. Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers: Round 1/ 110 reps  -Round 2/ 114 reps
9. Sandbag Squat/ Lunge Combo: Round 1/ 9 reps  -Round 2/ 8 reps
10. Medicine Ball Full Body Combo: Round 1/ 8 reps  -Round 2/ 7 reps
  • Brought my heart rate down with 4 intervals of 100 skips (10 sec. Rest between intervals).
  • 5 Forward grip Pull-Ups
  • Full Body stretches.  Stretched out my calves and quads, ten rolling like a ball up to standing, the 3 Hip Stretches , Supine hamstring stretch with strap, 3 back bends, rolled out TFL & ITB & glutes with my foam roll. Latissimus dorsi stretches and standing side bend stretches.
Post workout 12 oz. Water.
Post – Workout Meal & LUNCH combined @11:45 am 
20 Rainier Cherries
1/2 Black Plum
4 0z. BBQ New York Striploin (Organic Beef) left over from last nights dinner.
1 BBQ Sweet Potato with a pat of unsalted butter
Romaine Salad with Kale/Broccoli/ Cherry Tomatoes/Red Peppers and Homemade Dressing (as per yesterday).
12 oz. Water
Couple loads of laundry to sort and put away.
1:20 pm Carrots
1:45 pm 12 oz. Water
2 pm Carrots/ 6 oz. Water
3 pm – 5:15 pm Friends house for kids’ pool party.
I had 16 oz. Water
Celery/ Carrots/ Cherry Tomatoes
4 Square Rice Cakes with Amaranth & sea salt.
Showed my friend how to do the  Micro Breaks.
Just before we left the party my kid had a bad fall, so the rest of the night was spent cuddling and fitting in more one-on-one time.  Thankful for leftovers.  No time in the day to do a shop and with the bad fall focus had to shift.
5:45 pm 25 Rainier Cherries + 1 Cup Fresh Bluberries
6:15 pm Reading Stories and snuggling on the couch.
6:30 pm Prepare dinner for family. Everyone ate something different.
MY Dinner 7:00 pm:
3 oz. BBQ New York Striploin (Organic Beef) Left over from last nights dinner.
1 Medium BBQ Sweet Potato with a pat of unsalted butter
3/4 Cup Pumpkin, Ginger, Rice King Soba Noodles
Salad (not much Romaine left) Lots of raw Broccoli/ Steamed Green Beans/ Cherry Tomatoes/ Red Pepper and Homemade Salad Dressing as before.
1 Square Denman Island Chocolate (Cocoa Loco).
7:30 – 8:00 pm Snuggled with kids.
8:00 – 8: 15 pm Hung for a nice stretch from Chin-Up bar.
                               Folded and put away laundry etc.
8:15 – 9:00 pm Get kids ready for bed. Good-night routine (Longer than usual).
9:00 pm 6 oz. Water.  Check email.
9:15 pm Clean kitchen and tidy up, Shut down computer etc. Make notes for today’s log.
9:55 – 10: 15 pm Ashtanga Sun Salutations A & B + Ashtanga Primary Series Standing Postures + closing sequence (no inversions) + Savassana. I don’t have a video to show the closing sequence but it consists of 3 seated positons.  Savassana is simply spending a few minutes laying still and relaxed on the floor.
Note:  I was just searching on Google for an Ashtanga example and decided on this video.  Take note that when the video changes into black and white the film speeds up. The video demonstrates 20 minutes or so of exercise in less than 10 minutes. 
Aim for 8 hours sleep.

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