“Motivation is For Amateurs”

The above quote by Chuck Close comes from page 43 in Seth Godin’s most recent book What To Do When It’s Your Turn (and it’s always your turn)

It is such a great book filled with so much inspiration and mind clearing, smarten-yourself-up reminders and encouragement to engage in life.

I love people and love hearing the individual stories that make people tick. In the same breath I’m often saddened by the lack of drive and excuses I hear which prevent personal growth. There is a lot of talk as to making plans but those plans never materialize. Talk about being satisfied with the status quo but in the same breath complaints about everything. It makes my head spin.

Change. Everyday is a great time to improve oneself.

In this book Seth Godin points out a lot of our socially accepted excuses for not fulfilling our responsibilities.

“And what about getting in the mood? What about the motivation you’ll need to engage in this life? Our need for motivation is due to our need for reassurance. We are paralyzed by our fear that it might not work, and we let the fear demotivate us, giving us the perfect excuse not to create.”

And this is why I’m giving away a copy of this book. Just in time for the new year. I’ll ship a free copy to one person in Canada or U.S.
A winner will be announced and contacted on January 1, 2015.

Write as many comments as you like on this blog post, on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and/or Google+. Tell me why you deserve this book, why you need this book!! How this book will help you to make a difference? Use these hashtags #youasamachine #motivationisforamateurs

UPDATE Jan. 1, 2015 

Thanks to everyone for participating in this book giveaway. Congratulations go out to Maya as the winner. Because there were so many wonderful comments and many who just retweeted I had my daughter draw the winning name from a hat. If the book does not get claimed then we will draw another name. To all the others, I hope that you will go out and get yourselves a copy 🙂 and perhaps be inspired to share it with others!



  1. This is so timely, thx for sharing this with us.

    I definitely find that my procrastination is caused by having 1: too much on my plate, since that’s what workaholics always do…
    and 2: fear that I’m not good enough, so it’s easier to just not do anything about it or put it off until you feel the pressure that there’s no way to avoid the tasks you have accepted to do.

    I definitely could use this book to help encourage me to continue to do the best I can, get out of my comfort zone, and give me the confidence to face my fears in all aspects of life. #youasamachine #motivationisforamateurs

  2. I work to improve the health and nutrition of many people, from all ages and backgrounds. This book will not only help me help them, but will also inspire me to help myself achieve the goals in my own life

  3. As change maker I’m connecting many dots. And I love it! See people get inspired by the actions of our team that are leading to change in their lives. #youasamachine Empowering people to take small steps for more sustainable habits is a great thing to do. At this moment in a start-up of a new initiative to actually make physical changes by restoring nature. So rewarding to see a more resilient coral reef and it’s ecosystem. I would love to make an even bigger impact by inspiring more people to find their fire within. #motivationisforamateurs Therefore I would love to read this book.

  4. Why do I want this book?
    This is a very easy question for me: if you recommended, it must be good.
    Your blog your articles are a source of inspiration, My only request is your signature in the book :one big X will do if you have no time, as long as it comes from you 🙂

  5. It’s a good question. For the last part of the year, when I am making about 80% of my income for the entire year, I definitely feel like I am working to connect the dots. And I struggle with my health and eating and drinking habits to get the job done. There is less time for reflection. Good news is this year was easier than last year. Curious about this book.

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