12 Minute Full Body Workout

chili peppers

This is Today’s 12 Minute Full Body Workout.

Ate breakfast a little later than usual because the kids were both feeling under the weather, which changed the morning schedule somewhat. Got the kids to school, cleaned up the kitchen, changed bed sheets and put in a load of laundry so that I could do my workout without falling behind on chores AND before I would need to eat again!

Warmed up with 10 x flights of stairs (up by two’s – down by single steps). Each flight up and down equals 1 x + light stretches.

18 Rounds of two intervals:

10 seconds Rest + 30 seconds Maximum Effort

Complete the six exercises in order then repeat the sequence two more times to equal three times through.     (Hover over the exercise name to open a window to view the exercise description. I’m working on adding photos of the others.)

1.Dynamic Squat : 22 – 20 – 19

2.Reverse Push Up (w/ Dip Stand): 18 – 17 – 16 

3. Ninja Jump + Jump Tuck: 7 – 7 – 7

4. Feet Elevated Push Ups: 16 – 16 – 16

5. Sandbag- Alternating Leg Tap down                                     (start from top of step stool): 19 – 21 – 19

6. Straight Arm Hanging Leg Raises                                          (toes touch top of door frame): 9 – 9 – 9

A)  Incorrect  Do NOT Do This (left)

B) Correct End Position (below)

It is important to keep the knees slightly bent and initiate the movement from the abdominals. Tip the upper part of the pelvis backward causing the pubis to curl up towards your face, which in turn will cause the legs to move up toward the top of the door frame. This requires a lot of strength and practice. Initially, start by just hanging with straight arms from the pull up bar. Gradually, over days or weeks try to tip the pelvis as described without even attempting to lift the legs. Trying to achieve too much too soon can result in using the Psoas muscle to lift the legs as is seen in the first diagram (above left: A) – this is incorrect – Do NOT do this.

As seen in B) the correct movement shows a rounded lower back. Think ‘angry cat’ back except you are also curling your tail bone under in the direction of the pubis. Tail bone chases pubis -not sure how else to describe it at the moment. 🙂


Cool down 4 x 100 skips w/ jump rope (legs parallel)

+45 Minutes Ashtanga Yoga Standing Series (including first 12 seated postures -a few vinyasa + 3 Backbends + close).

Transfered laundry and by 11 am, had my post workout meal (thankful for leftovers):

Fresh panfried Halibut with homemade caramelized onions on a bed of brown rice noodles. A side of roasted Sweet Potato & Butternut Squash w/ Lime Juice, Olive Oil, Cilantro, Ginger and Chili peppers. And Steamed curly Green Kale. Glass of Water. One Square of chocolate.

I haven’t stepped out of the kitchen since!

I’ve been preparing a different recipe for Lamb Stew, adapted from Beef a la Provencal from Lucy Waverman at the Globe and Mail…It is so amazing. I made it two weeks ago and it was delicious. Only draw back is that it takes so long to make. I will post the recipe another time.

However, during this food prep, I had my third meal – LUNCH at around 1pm…homemade turkey soup, except I had twice the amount shown in this picture below. I’ll share that recipe another time too, only, first I have to show you how to make your own Turkey Stock, which makes ALL the difference.


  1. How do I know if i’m doing these exercises correctly if i can’t see them? I really want to get the most out of this workout, yet i don’t even know what the Yoga poses are. Can you tell me where i can find these answers? Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Barbra,

      Here is a link for Ashtanga Sun Salutations A & B.

      And here is a link to the Standing Series.

      It is ideal to learn from an experienced teacher, authorized by Patabhi Jois. Books by authorized teachers are: David Swenson and John Scott and Richard Freeman to name a few.

      In Mysore, India the tradition used to be that a new student would show up to practice. The room would be filled with students practicing at their own pace, everyone at different stages in the practice doing different poses – on their own. The teacher would walk around and assist individuals, observing the entire time. The student was his own teacher. Everyday showing up and practicing what he/she remembered. Once the teacher was satisfied by the students discipline and progress, the teacher would offer the next yoga posture; but only once the students’ body was properly prepared to go to the next stage.
      In our ‘Western’ culture we have the tendency to dictate what we think we are ready for. Yoga is a great teacher in this respect.
      So, I recommend that you stand at the front of your mat and do a simple inhale reach the arms up to the ceiling, exhale lower the arms – as the first video shows. Do this 5 – 10 times first thing in the morning for a week. But pay close attention to the details. How your arms rotate as they move up to the ceiling. How your ribcage responds the way your arms move. How your body weight wants to shift as you take your gaze upward etc.
      Then add on the next week. Let’s pretend you are in Mysore, India. By then end of a few months you may be able to do both videos. If you follow this methodical approach you will remember better what comes next and be able to focus on what you are doing.

      Hope this helps.

      1. I really appreciate your response, it makes perfect sense and i will be sure to do exactly as you suggest. This is all very exciting and beneficial . Being healthy and fit is of the upmost importance to me and you are very helpful in achieving this. Thank you

  2. Oooh! Thanks for posting a workout — looks great!
    One question though…are you doing hanging leg raises with a door frame pull-up bar? So your body folds exactly in half to touch the top of the door frame? (just trying to picture it)

    Thanks also for posting such great food ideas…so many ideas, it helps renew my zeal for trying new combinations!


      1. It helps…though (OOF!!) I totally can’t do it…will have to work up to it. Wow, thanks for the fantastic new goal to reach for! 😀

      2. Hi YaaM!
        I wanted to update my progress on the Pull-up bar Hanging Toe Touches (I use a Power Tower): I did 10 in a row!!!
        I did this after a 12 min. BR workout and before a 6 min. Abs blowout.

        I should have added it to my Abs rotation, but I was just seeing if I could do *any*, and didn’t want the stress of the timer to put pressure on my form.
        Since we have a Power Tower (image: http://tiny.cc/g5qqx), I couldn’t use *any* momentum because the back of the apparatus prevents it, but I did 7 in a row, caught my breath, and did 3 more.

        I’ve been adding 3 and 6-minute Abs “bonuses” (From BR and elsewhere – thanks YouTube) to alternating days, and I’m finally seeing improvement in my core strength. (I guess it didn’t take *that* long, but I’m still embarrassed by how weak it was despite my workout regimen!).
        I’M ECSTATIC to acquire this move into my repertoire! NOW I feel confident enough to try the workout you posted – Thanks!! 😀

      3. Thanks for the update!!! I’m grinning from ear to ear. Your excitement is palpable from here!

        So great to hear about your progress. Let me know how the workout – works out for you! 🙂

      4. Hi Machine!
        I’ve been following a long road of rest and recovery from a serious case of overtraining (sigh!), and finally did this workout this morning. (I may ask an ‘Overtraining’ question on a different page of yours!).
        Dynamic Squats: 23-24-24
        Dip Station Reverse PUs: 16-17-17
        Ninja Jump Tucks: 7-8-8
        Feet Elev. PUs (32″ windowsill): 15-15-15
        Sandbag Alt. Step Down: 15-20-20 30 lbs. Sandbag
        Straight Arm Hanging Toe Touch: 8-7-6

        I still can’t do more than 7 or 8 Hanging Toe Touches without needing a break, so 30 seconds puts me at pretty low reps, but I’m *doing it* — and my husband is impressed — so that’s something! ;o) I followed with an Oblique Abs series and an 30-minute hike with my dog.

        Thanks for the workout!~~

      5. Congratulations on your personal bests!
        Your numbers look awesome – however, hearing myself say this, I am careful to point out (which I know you know – but others may not…) That its not all about the numbers; if the numbers are high but the form/ technique is suffering we’re no further ahead in the game.

        But I have a very strong feeling judging by how you articulate your training that you are not one to throw caution to the wind just to squeeze in another rep.

        Keep me posted…I’ll check now on your other comment.

  3. i aspire to be like you.. you live so healthy and you have an awesome body if thats you in the picture.. 🙂 i am going to definitely try this recipe.. 😀

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