video/ Week #1 – DAY 2

Here is Week #1 – DAY 2
My nephew Peter is demonstrating.
Still getting the hang of filming.  The dog was a bit distracting so I lost count a few times.

Day 2 (approx. 2 Minutes)

  1. 50 Marching On the Spot (knees up high).
  2. Rest 10 seconds

       Note: 50 Marching on the Spot + 10 second Rest = one circuit.

3.  Repeat this Circuit 4 times, to equal 4 rounds.

Note: you should be able to do 50 Marches in approximately 20 seconds.  If it takes you longer than 20 seconds that’s fine.  You don’t have to do all four circuits if you’re not ready.  Build up to it at your own pace.  Keep a log of what you do so you can monitor your progress.  Each knee up counts as one repetition.

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