In Favor of the 4 Minute Morning

Waterfalls at Midnight

Today was the perfect argument in favor of the 4 Minute Morning.

My daughter had a fever in the night, which meant both of us were up every two hours and I was exhausted when morning came.  Her fever was down but she stayed home from school.  My schedule for the day had now radically changed.  After my son and I had our breakfast and he left for school I quickly did my 4 Minute Morning and a few stretches. Exactly what I needed to shake off that ‘all-nighter’ feeling.

I thought that I might be able to get my ‘planned’ workout in for the day even with my daughter at home, but it didn’t happen.  Tonight I will do my usual stretches (all of ten minutes) and get to bed early.

She just might wake up again in the night and I had better be ready.

Update:  She woke up twice in the night.


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