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“Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?”

Brown Rice Salad with Tomatoes and Peas

From the New York Times, September 24, 2011 edition, Mark Bittman author of How To Cook Everything writes:

“THE ‘fact’ that junk food is cheaper than real food has become a reflexive part of how we explain why so many Americans are overweight, particularly those with lower incomes. I frequently read confident statements like, “when a bag of chips is cheaper than a head of broccoli …” or “it’s more affordable to feed a family of four at McDonald’s than to cook a healthy meal for them at home.”

Click below to view the article in its entirety.

Note: I just couldn’t bring myself to posting a photo of junk food…This is a photo of a Mark Bittman recipe: Brown Rice Salad with tomatoes and peas; inexpensive and easy to prepare.




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