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Below is the video showing how to do a 4 Minute Tabata of Burpees.

8 Rounds of two intervals.

Interval #1 =  10 seconds REST

+ Plus

Interval #2 = 20 seconds Maximum # of Repetitions of Burpees

I was able to complete 4.5 – 4 Burpees during each 20 second interval. Which translates to doing 32 Burpees in 4 Minutes.

That equals:

Wow! I never thought about it like that before! No wonder it does the trick!

Also, notice that as I get more fatigued I tend to lift my hips UP as I jump back to plank. See if you can spot that. So I will work on keeping my hips more level with the ground as I jump back into plank.

Doing a Tabata of Burpees is doable for just about anyone, but I’d like to clearly state that what’s more important than flying through the exercise and trying to achieve the most amount of repetitions, is that paying attention to precision of movement is paramount.

Technique is relative.

Almost everyone tells me that they have good technique. Well, good technique is relative to how our alignment is in the first place. I’ve given a very brief explanation of this in my Burpees Learning Series video, below: Do You See What I See?  

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