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Too Much Too Soon


Whether you are a complete novice to exercise and just starting the progressions for my 4 Minute Mornings or a lifelong exerciser, the following is some common sense advice.

Too much too soon can lead to injury.  Follow the less is more principle, but, be consistent.  Listen to your body not your ego.  The ego and adrenaline coursing through your body are very powerful.

There is no amount of pushing or forcing in one day that is going to make more of a change than what being consistent can.  Learn the difference between working hard in a good way and working hard in a bad way causing injury.  Do not be a bully to your body.

Be compassionate.

No matter your level of fitness, please remember that when adding new exercises, you should not go from ‘zero to sixty’, in one day, a week or even a month.  Make gradual progressions. Take a rest day when you need it.  Listen to your body.

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