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A: What is the Femur?

Right femur. Anterior surface.

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Q: What is the Femur?

Answer: b) Thigh bone

The Femur is the thigh bone.  It is the longest and largest bone in the human body.  The top-most part of the femur bone is called the head of the femur, it is round like a ball. Otherwise known as the Femoral Head, it fits into the socket, a cup-shaped cavity (acetabulum) of the pelvis; also commonly known as the hip socket.  Collectively, the acetabulum and the head of the femur make up the hip joint.

In the diagram of the pelvis from the Q&A: Sitting Bones you will notice the cup-shaped cavity (acetabulum) or socket, just below and to the outside (lateral) of the Ilium, which I’ve described as elephant ears. Imagine the Femoral Head fitting nicely within the socket.

The Femoral Head, as a result of it’s shape has the ability to move in many directions. Lets review some of these directions.  From a standing position consider these terms of motion:

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