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About Daily Body Maintenance

Here is a little bit about me and how I changed from years of a particular “tried and true”, popularly accepted style of physical training to a lesser known philosophy and how it has opened up pathways for personal experimentation in the realm of health and fitness as well as commonly held concepts behind nutrition.

At 42 year of age I am a wife, mother of two and dog owner. I came across “BodyRock” in February 2010 but started experimenting with the approach in April 2010. (You can read more about this here). That is when I first made the switch from the gym to exercising at home exclusively, using my own bodyweight for resistance following HIIT style of training.  I saw more results in the first two weeks from this type of training than from 6 months of dedicated weight training and cardio at the gym. I haven’t been back to the gym since! I love that I can keep myself fit by using my own bodyweight.

Exercising at home and on my own forces me to be accountable. No excuses.

I am an explorer of ideas and concepts, which means that my beliefs are constantly shifting and evolving. Now in 2012, it has been over a year since I have stopped doing any BodyRock-style workouts. Click this link to view my current Daily Body Maintenance Schedule. Even as I write this, the schedule has evolved since its original printing. Update: Now, nearing the end of 2013, my current schedule has been very different for all of this past year. I will have to post an update on that soon. The point being: Keep Learning, Practicing, Refining and Repeat.

It’s all about daily body maintenance.

In 2010, I stumbled upon an an exercise site called BodyRock. I was so inspired and motivated by the short duration-high intensity format that I wanted to share it with everyone, but for some it was overwhelming, which prompted me to start my own blog for those who need a more gentle and basic starting point.

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