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Great Aunt Lea

This video is from my long-weekend in Hawaii from 2009.  My mother-in-law, Sandy and I visited my Great Aunt Lea, age 93 at the time, on Waikiki Beach.

That’s her walking into the water with the silver bathing cap and turquoise shorts. Later in the video she shows off her one-legged squat.  She is a great example of consistency and self-discipline.  Everyday she goes to the beach for a swim.  In her eighties she would do one thousand strokes in the ocean, daily. When I saw her three years ago she was still doing her routine, though modified due to a rotator cuff injury.

One night after her birthday celebration dinner; her birthday’s in November, we were visiting in February.  She figured that at her age she ought to celebrate it as often as possible…Great Aunt Lea insisted on taking the bus home, as was her custom.  Sandy and I watched her board the bus and as the bus pulled away, there was Great Aunt Lea marching down the aisle to the back of the bus without the help of a pole to support her balance!  Impressive.  I wondered if playing in the surf like she did was the secret.

Below is a 2 minute YouTube video of her surfing at 95.  She rocks!

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