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video.Week#4-DAYS 1,3,5& 7

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Here is Week #4 – DAYS 1, 3, 5 & 7

My nephew Peter is demonstrating.

Introducing the WALL PRESS, which is the first progression for the Push Up.  In this upright position the exercise is the least weight bearing on joints and muscles, which allows us to focus on form in preparation for the next progression.


Standing arm distance from the wall.  Keep body in a straight line, from the top of head to feet.  Hinge forward from the ankles.

Begin with arms parallel to the floor (between chest and shoulder height).  Finger tips will be touching the wall.  Tip forward from the ankles (NOT the waist).  First the wrist will flex as the palms of the hands become flat on the wall (fingers pointing upward), elbows will flex and point downward to the floor.  As the body nears the wall, the hands will now be in front of the shoulders.  Reverse the movement to return to starting position. Repeat.

DAYS 1, 3, 5 & 7 (week #4)

1.  50 High Knees (pumping arms or forearms parallel to ground or hold chest)


3.  Repeat circuit 4 times to equal 4 Rounds.

DAYS 2, 4 & 6 (week #4)
1.  50 High Knees (pumping arms or forearms parallel to ground or hold chest)

2.  20 Bend Down & Reach Up with Toe Raise

3.  Repeat circuit 4 times to equal 4 Rounds.


Be sure to alternate workouts each day, to give the arms a chance to recover.


Stretch Your Body:  With straight arms clasp your hands behind your hips, gently lift the arms away from the hips.  Feel the stretch across the chest and front of the arms. Tricep Stretch: Reach right arm straight up to ceiling.  Bend the elbow so the right hand lowers behind the head towards the upper back.  With the left hand hold the right elbow and gently pull the right elbow towards the head.  Feel the stretch along the back of the right upper arm.  Repeat on the left side.

Week #5 will show the next two progressions.

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