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Here is the video for Week #3 – DAYS 3 & 6.

My nephew Peter is demonstrating.

Introducing slightly bigger hops.  Similar to Day 2, only this time the toe will no longer make contact with the floor.  Make your toe come 1 to 6 inches from the floor.  Even if your toe still touches the floor, at least make it a light touch.  If this is too difficult, then stick with the Ground Toe Taps from Day 2.

Days 3 & 6 (week #3)

1.  50 Step Height Toe Taps/ or half-way up High Knees

2.   20 Bend Down & Reach Ups with Toe Raise

3.   Repeat circuit 4 times to equal 4 rounds total.

Note: If you’re not ready to do 4 rounds of this, then do what feels right.  Make your own modifications.  For example you might try to do the first round as Peter does it, then for the second round you might do the Ground Toe Taps from Day 2 (week#3).  For round 3 you might go back to Marching on the Spot from Day 1 (week#3) and finally for round 4 you might try to do the Step Height Toe Taps from the first round.
For comfort, ladies may want to wear a sports bra for the hopping exercises.
Alternately, just hold on to Thelma and Louise and get it done!
Let me know what your 4 Minute Morning variation looks like.
See  you tomorrow for the last progression, DAY 7: High Knees.

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