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This page is currently under construction.  Please return for on-going updates.

Under this heading I will post workouts that I have enjoyed doing and in an order (that you may or may not wish to follow), which would be a realistic progression regardless of athletic ability.

As you can imagine I have met countless individuals who are at various levels of fitness and without exaggeration most not all, believe themselves to be at a higher level of fitness than they actually are.

Sorry if this sounds harsh.  But most people think they truly understand how their body works and confuse the willingness to push hard, beyond fatigue and muscle failure with being physically fit and healthy.

Remember, pushing and working in the extreme is actually the easy part; with enough drive, anyone can do that.

Training smart is what we should all strive for:

It’s all quite complex but essential for everyone – from the “I only do the 4 Minute Morning” exerciser to the extreme athlete – both, and everyone in between should understand these mechanisms.

I am currently working on a post to explain this very subject for the layman. 

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