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Homemade Guacamole

Now that I know my secretor status, according to Eat Right 4 Your Type, I have started eating avocados again. A lot. Before I knew my secretor status, I followed the program as if I were a secretor, which meant not eating any avocados. I missed them for the nine months or so that I abstained. I even stopped looking at them at the grocery store. It is amazing to me what we can adapt to if only we give ourselves the opportunity to try. There are a lot of unusual rules in the ER4YT plan that don’t seem logical; like I can eat avocado but NOT avocado oil. I find it all very interesting especially because it seems to be so effective for me. I did the secretor salivary test a few months ago: I am a Non-Secretor. The good news is that I can eat avocados again, the bad news is that Non-Secretors have, potentially, a health disadvantage; which gives me even more reason to stay on top of what I eat. Click here to read Lesson Ten: Secretor Status.

My Homemade Guacamole Recipe

1 – 2 TBSP. diced Spanish Onion

1 – 2 TBSP. seeded and diced  Tomatoes

2 TBSP. finely chopped Cilantro leaves

less than 1/4 tsp. Cayenne Pepper

2 Very Ripe Hass Avocado (pictured above) mashed and leave some in chunks.

Juice from half of a fresh lime (it should be very juicy, producing at least 2 TBSP.)

2 twists of the Sea Salt Mill

NOTE: I’m sure any variety of avocado will do, but I prefer the taste and texture of the Hass Avocado.


Not sure there is an easier recipe? Just prepare all the ingredients in the order I’ve listed and combine together. Voila!

Below are some photos to guide anyone new to the kitchen. Remember to use only the leaves from the Cilantro, no stems.

Today I made another batch and added some finely diced garlic.

To my surprise, I prefer it without the garlic. The garlic seemed to hide the cayenne pepper. Interesting.


By the way, the following Blood Types should avoid avocado.

  • AB (secretor & non-secretor),
  • B (secretor & non-secretor) and
  • O (secretor)

Avocado is:

  • Beneficial for Blood Type O (non-secretor)
  • Neutral for Blood Type A (secretor & non-secretor)
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