Time Keeps on Slipping…

The cabs of Times Square

Busy Schedules.

We’ve all got them.  Some of us cram more into our days than others.  For some, it is a choice, for others, circumstance.

For this reason, developing the self-discipline to maintain your body for 4 minutes each morning is essential.

For the organized set, those who have their weeks scheduled months in advance generally have their gym workouts or sports pre-planned into their calendar. Others, fly by the seat of their pants and fit it in whenever.

But life tends to throws us curve balls and something always comes up to shift our plans, such as a flat tire, kids afterschool activities, computer crashing, etc.  You name it – fill in your ‘something’ here.

Just to be clear,

I am not saying that you should only do 4 minutes of exercise a day.  I am not saying that you only need 4 minutes of exercise a day.

What I am saying is that regardless of any other sports or activities that you may do in your day, doing these 4 minutes of exercise is your insurance towards maintaining a healthy and fit body.  4 Minute Mornings is not meant to replace any other sports or activities that you do or may consider doing during the day.

And because I hate to leave anyone out, these 4 Minute Mornings are a safe and gradual way to become consistent and self-disciplined with body maintenance for those who just do not know how to begin exercising.

What if, every morning upon waking, you could do a simple series of 4 Minute Morning exercises? Then if your planned workout eludes you, you have at least done your maintenance for the day.

Essentially, there is a solution to our time pinched schedules.  We just need to think outside of the box.

I will post the progression for Week #3 later today.


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